About Us

From the time of establishment in June 2002, we wanted to be different and make significant changes for the industries. We strive to supply premium products with superior durability, comfort and outstanding outlook for the users. We aim to offer a quick and friendly service for our respected customers with competitive price too.

Our extensive 50,000 sqft factory in China includes 10 dipping lines which offer customers variety of coating such as Crinkle latex, Sandy Latex, Superior Foam and Water Base PU. Our factory also includes 500 sets of knitting machines and 100 sets of PL sewing machines for variety of sewing patterns.

Our 20,000 sqft factory in Malaysia includes 2 single former powder free and 2 single former powdered disposable glove lines. Our factory produces 50 million pieces monthly of medical gloves and industrial gloves, Latex and Nitrile disposable gloves.

Our research and development team constantly developing new products with latest technology and advance materials in order to achieve the latest standards and regulations in the market. No matter what the nature or the challenges of the job are, we are committed to helping you find the best hand protection for your needs.

Our Mission

To make sure the end users Choose Safe Wear Safe and Stay Safe with SAFECHOICE.

To offer the correct hand protection through customer proximity, responsiveness, knowledge, and technological innovation.